Zoom App Help Videos

Zoom App Installation & Running

This page shows you how to download and install the Zoom application that you can use to see Julie teach. You’ll need this on atleast one device to see her.

You do not need to watch all of the videos below.  Pick the setup that you have:  iPhone, Mac Desktop, Windows PC – and then follow the guide showing you how to install and run the App

Once you have the App installed joining a Zoom ‘Meeting’ is just a case of selecting the ‘Access Class’ button on Julie’s timetable and then selecting the option “Join Meeting via Zoom App”.  If Zoom is on your mobile device, you should navigate to the class page using that, of course!

In the videos below you’ll see me entering a meeting number.  You don’t need to do that.  Just use the method above

If you join a meeting before it starts you will be held in a ‘Wait Room’ until Julie starts the Zoom app at her end.  This should be on or shortly after the alloted time given by the timetable

During any class we please ask you to mute your microphone to avoid any external background noise being broadcast to everyone as this can make it difficult for some to hear what Julie is saying.

Note that you will not be able to connect to any of Julie’s class until she’s on the other end!  You might want to use Zoom, however, to stay in contact with your friends! 

Mobile Devices

Hint: If you have an iPad, use that!


Joining via a Waitroom

Desktops and Laptops (Mac and PC)

Apple Mac Desktop

Windows PC

Joining using a Desktop App

Additional Things to Know

Checking Your Audio