Pre-Recorded Late Summer Classes

Please be careful when practicing along to these classes.  If you haven’ done one of Julie’s classes before we strongly advise you to watch through the class once just to get a feel for the sort of movements you’ll be seeing (and doing).  Feel free to take alternatives or child’s pose for any part of these practices.   Be mindful of what your body is telling you.  Try and also have enough room around you where possible.  

Late Summer Classes from 13th – 15th October with Julie Hanson

Tuesday 13th October (Morning)

Wednesday 14th October (Part One)

Part Two

Thursday 15th October (Morning)

Late Summer Classes from 6th – 8th October with Julie Hanson

Tuesday 6th October (Morning)

Wednesday 7th October (Evening)

Note: This video is quite dark as Julie was trying to create some ambience in the studio.

Thursday 8th October (Morning)

Late Summer Classes from 30th September & 1st October with Julie Hanson

Wednesday 30th September (Evening)

Thursday 1st October (Morning)

Late Summer Classes from 22nd-24th September with Julie Hanson

Tuesday 22nd September (Morning)

Wednesday 23rd September (Evening)

Thursday 24th September (Morning)

Late Summer Classes from 15th-17th September with Julie Hanson

Tuesday 15th September (Morning)

Wednesday 16th September (Evening)

Thursday 17th September (Morning)

Late Summer Classes from 3rd, 8th and 10th September with Julie Hanson

Thursday 3rd September (Morning)

Tuesday 8th September (Morning)

Thursday 10th September (Morning)