introduction to the Summer Seasonal Yoga Teaching Plan

Summer has always posed a unique challenge for me as a yoga teacher. When my children were younger, balancing their summer break with my teaching schedule, childcare, and the hustle of keeping everyone entertained made the season my least favourite. However, now that I have more freedom and flexibility (I’m talking about myself here}, my approach to the seasonal yoga summer has completely transformed.

New perspective

Today, I embrace summer with a fresh perspective. My primary goal is to end the season feeling at my absolute peak—full of energy, vitality, and wellness. I aim to channel that positive energy to my students, while also allowing myself some well-deserved rest and rejuvenation. Summer is now my time to indulge in simple pleasures, like buying new books and immersing myself in daily reading. Even if I don’t travel, these small treats make me feel like I’m on a mini-vacation.

I am excited to take you on a week-by-week journey through the summer season. Together, we will explore the Fire element of summer, finding inspiration and optimism in its warmth and vibrancy. This teaching plan is designed to help you and your students thrive during the summer, embracing the season with enthusiasm and a sense of well-being. Let’s make this summer a time of growth, joy, and energetic transformation.

Early part of summer quick tips for teaching

  1. Trace Meridian Lines at beginning of practice. Heart armpit to little finger, S.I little finger back towards the head
  2. Include Meridian line stretches at the beginning of the practice – these are arm stretches (shown below)
  3. Focus on creating a rhythm within the breath for your students, teach them ocean breath and how to practice this
  4. I always start the summer season with Sun salutes, teaching and explaining how amazing practising these at home can feel it’s a simple way of inviting your students to join in with the Peak fitness plan practising at home, give them the gift of Practice

Phase 1 

Keeping Your Yoga Teaching Inspired in the Summer Months

Hello and welcome to this six-session series on how to keep your yoga teaching inspired during the summer months! This series is based on the principles of seasonal yoga, but even if you’re not a seasonal yoga teacher, you can incorporate some of these ideas and tips into your summer practice and teaching to create the perfect practice for this time of year.

Building Peak Energyplanning your cardiovascular element of summer remember, it’s all about the heart

Summer is the time to build peak energy. It’s important to encourage both yourself and your students to be outdoors, even if the weather isn’t ideal. Incorporating cardiovascular training methods into your summer practice is essential. The goal is to achieve peak fitness, and if the weather permits, you can take your indoor activities outside.

Cardiovascular fitness

Should be a focus during this time because the heart and small intestine are at their peak and need attention. Establishing a rhythm in life, movement, habits, and everything else is crucial for this season. Whether it’s getting your bike serviced, climbing stairs, picking hilly areas for robust walks, or even trying a Couch to 5K program, the aim is to improve your cardiovascular energy and fitness. Personally, I love using my water rower. Plan your cardio routine at the beginning of the summer to maximise your energy and fitness levels.

Nourishing Your Bodynow, a little bit about the other organ of the summer the small intestine

Food is another key aspect of your summer practice. If the weather is warm, raw foods offer the best nutrients. Green juices provide prime fuel, and cooling, water-based foods help keep you hydrated. Of course, drinking plenty of water is a must.

These tips are not just for you but also for your clients or students. It’s a great idea to give them a handout or a list of ways to stay fit during the season. This is vital because the small intestine will not require so much back up from the heart, if you keep your diet, clean full of energy & vitality.

Beginning of Summer is about Setting Goals and Organising

Set a clear exercise plan outlining what you want to achieve by the end of the summer. Knowing your values and core priorities is essential, and also helps in knowing the direction for moving forward in life, Dr John Demartini is the master of this it’s well worth doing his values determination process it can change how you think about life going forward. Create some space in your home and your mind by clearing out last year’s summer clothes, have a little fashion show, decide what you’ll wear, and donate what you no longer need to charity. If you didn’t wear it last year, you likely won’t wear it again, so it’s best to let it go.

Create a feeling of serenity at this time of year

What does that even mean? Serenity the absence of mental, stress or anxiety and other words, have you got peace of mind ? The peak season is the time to work on this fire element should be a mixture of the high flames of passion love and peak fitness as we’ve talked about before, but as a balance to this, we also need the burning embers of the fire to have the balance of Yin ad Yang. How do you access peace of mind ? The practices we do in the summer will help you access it and we also have a guided program 21 days of serenity to lead you through it day by day. As we work through the phases of summer. We will be introducing you to lots of ways to access this through meditation and yoga Nidra.

Recommended Postures for Summer – you can build on these, ideal for the peak theme

The following postures are ideal for the first few weeks of summer, focusing on opening the armpits (opening them) and chest, also stretching the shoulders and the all important Subscapularis (more about this in next phase), improving cardiovascular fitness, and targeting the heart meridian, which runs from the inside edge of the armpit to the little finger and the small intestine Meridian, which runs from the outside edge of the little finger all the way to the back of the shoulder and finishes, and that little indentation just beside your ear, if you open your jaw, you can find a delicate pressure point using your bent index finger. Incorporate these into your practice: (see meridian drawing at the top of the page) If you need a reminder, how to do the postures which help you open these Meridian lines, see the links below.

Ensure you include a respectable period of Shavasana at the end of your practice. Remember, a healthy summer practice should be like a healthy fire—peaking with high flames but also maintaining a steady burn.

Let’s embrace this summer season with energy, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose. Happy teaching!

More from me next week I’ll be writing six phases of summer. The next one wont be as long, you’ll be pleased to hear

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