About Seasonal Yoga

An Introduction to Seasonal Yoga from Julie

About Seasonal Yoga

Seasonal Yoga stands for more than simply a commercial enterprise. We wish to offer the highest quality in Yoga, in every aspect from the physiological anatomy and asana training to the philosophical and spiritual development within the course. We stand as true to the tradition of Yoga as possible, and apply those truths to modern life, so that they support change in every student. While gathering wisdom from sources like traditional Chinese medicine, modern western anatomy, nutrition, NLP, asana flow, psychology, etc, we offer the most relevant and transformational teachings we are able to. It is about bringing the incredible teachings of the East into a Western context which is useful, accessible, fun, inclusive and evolving.

It is not about the students learning something new, it is about the students experiencing something new within themselves. We strive to always offer these services with integrity, and high moral standards in every aspect of our dealings.

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