Want more students to keep coming back?

Seasonal Conversion

Does this sound like you?

> You are a qualified Yoga teacher
> Bored with your class plans and inspiration
> You’d love to give your clients something new and interesting
> You’d love to learn the Seasonal Yoga System in a simple and gradual way
> You’d love to feel healthier, more balanced and an inspiration for others
>  You love helping others to help themselves

Grow your yoga business with our seasonal conversion

Imagine if 70% of people who tried your classes kept coming back. Wouldn’t that feel great?

The key is giving people a good reason to come back, without you having to re-invent the wheel everytime you teach a class which can feel exhausting. Our seasonal conversion for yoga teachers is designed to do just that. You’ll get everything you need to transform your yoga business.


Student retention averages 18% – 30% over 12 months

What people are saying about the seasonal conversion

I know for sure that I will be “ referencing and using this material
both myself and my students every season and every year from now on. I love the material and of course the more you put it into practice and revisit it year on year, the more you learn and absorb. There is so much information you have provided – I love it


Absolutely fantastic course with equally fantastic guidance and support from Julie (and Graeme…!) I am loving it. The amount of time and effort that has gone in to the content of this course is amazing. OmYoga Magazine were definitely correct when they named this one of the best online courses!


As a 500 hour teacher I found the course enjoyable, interesting and useful. And the support I got from the Seasonal Yoga team was excellent. The course has benefitted me both in terms of my personal development and as a teacher. I have several extra strings to my bow! I now teach Season- al Yoga in all my classes and my stu- dents love it.


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