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11 ways to unblock your crown chakra


Have you ever experienced a tingling feeling on the top of your head when you’ve been deeply relaxed, almost like you’re communicating with a higher energy in the sky? Well that is Sahasrara!

Sahasrara, the crown chakra, is the highest and most subtle chakra of the 7 chakra system, depicted as a thousand-petalled lotus flower and symbolizing the full manifestation of enlightened awareness. When we open the crown chakra, we allow an outpouring of radiant light from within, whilst accepting divine light into ourselves. We are able to connect ourselves to a limitless power source and receive energy, direction and wisdom from a power higher than ourselves.

Sometimes described as the seat of the soul, Sahasrara is not always considered a chakra in the strict sense as it is more like an open passageway, providing a gateway into the limitless potential that lies beyond our personal knowing. It enables us to express our highest wisdom whilst simultaneously opening ourselves up to receiving ultimate wisdom or enlightenment.

For this reason it is often associated with concepts of divinity, faith or higher reality. Its vibration is pure spirit, like pure light which contains all colours.

To access Saharsara we have to take leap of faith, surrendering to that which lies beyond the limits of our current thoughts, beliefs and understanding. In doing this, we allow ourselves to merge with a limitless and infinite potential.

Sahasrara represents the ultimate goal of Yoga, Samadhi, the unification of the realized self (ego) with an vast and formless ultimate reality (Divine self, Brahman, God, or whatever name feels most comfortable to you).

Here are 11 ways you can unblock and re-energize your crown chakra



1) Observe any blockages

When the crown chakra is blocked, several symptoms of slowed energy flow may occur.

These can include:

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Chronic exhaustion
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Feelings of meaninglessness or hopelessness
  • Fear/ anxiety
  • Destructive behaviors
  • Pituitary gland malfunction
  • Excessively controlling or manipulative behavior
  • Depression

2) Reflect on possible causes for the blockage

A refusal to accept, trust or surrender to any concept of higher power is a great way to block the crown chakra!

Trusting and having faith in a higher power beyond ourselves is essential to opening up Sahasrara and allowing our minds to open to a flow of new thoughts, insights, experiences and wisdom.

Causes for a blocked crown chakra may include:

  • Lack of belief in a higher power
  • Refusal to listen to voice of higher self.
  • Trying to control everything
  • Inability to let go or surrender
  • Broken trust
  • Broken faith
  • Unwillingness to open up to spiritual potential
  • Attachment to material aspects of life

  • Fear of the unknown/ need for total certainty

  • Need to have all the answers/ get things right or perfect

  • Overthinking/ attachment to thoughts

3) Try journaling

Exploring our deep seated belief systems is not easy work and can be scary at times.

Journalling or writing can be a helpful way to explore our thoughts, feelings and needs in a safe, neutral space outside of our own heads.

4) Build trust and faith in others

Having faith in anything, be it ourselves, other people or something larger,  requires a certain degree of trust. Trust is something that is built up gradually over multiple interactions. When we feel we can trust something or someone, with no further need to validate this trust with proofs, this can be said to be faith.

When we do not trust or have faith in something, we may feel tense, anxious and stressed.  We may feel weighted down by responsibilities or like we need to control everything.  This is often uncomfortable and can lead to imbalances in the Sahasrara chakra.

When we build up faith in ourselves and others, we are better able to relax, let go and surrender to that which is beyond our control. This is a necessity of an open and flowing Sahasrara chakra.

5) Speak with a therapist

When we encounter experiences or traumas that break our trust or faith, we may feel afraid to surrender our trust ever again.

In situations like this, it may be helpful to talk to a therapist, counsellor or trusted spiritual teacher on a regular basis to build up a relationship of trust, vulnerability and understanding within the safe boundaries of a professional, therapeutic relationship.

6)  Include a headstand or tree posture in your yoga practice

Headstand (Shirshasana).

Described in some texts as ‘The King of all asanas’, headstand is an excellent posture for nourishing and energizing Sahasrara. It is a powerful finishing posture to include towards the end of a practice, helping to direct energies towards the crown for relaxation and meditation.

Tree Posture  (Vrirshasana)

This is a balancing posture and one of the few standing poses from medieval hatha yoga that remains popular in modern yoga. It is said that the ancient sandhus even disciplined themselves by meditating in this pose!

7) Try some aromatherapy

Essential oils are a great way to nourish the subtle body and the chakras. Why not try adding some of these essential oils to your bath or a diffuser.

Essential oils for Sahasrara chakra

  • Jasmine and rose (connected to sacral, heart and crown chakras, symbolizing the spiritual dimension of sexuality)
  • Sandalwood (bridges Heaven and Earth)
  • Lavender (higher vibrations accentuated if you can obtain alpine lavender)
  • Frankincense (ability to connect us with the Divine within and without)
  • Rosewood (facilitates the opening of the crown chakra)

8) Try a balancing Pranayama

Pranayama, is a yogic practice that utilizes the breathing to influence the flow of prana (or vital energy/life force) in the body.

Pranayamas like Nadi Shodana (alternate nostril breathing) are a great way to balance mind and body.  It is great for reducing anxiety, inducing states of calm, focusing the mind and preparing for meditation.

Click here for 3 easy balancing breathing exercises

9) Meditate

Meditation is a great way to open the crown chakra. In meditation we have the opportunity to let go and surrender to ‘what is’ and simply be, opening ourselves up to the bliss of pure experience and awareness.

A guided meditation app or an online mediation class are great ways to get started if you havn’t meditated before or are not confident in your own practice yet

10) Chant AUM

Aum or ‘Om’  is the primordial sound associated with Sahasrara. It represents Brahman in Hinduism, the source of all manifest existence. Its three sounds represent the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind, whilst the silence in between represents the witness consciousness, that which connects with universal consciousness.

A calming meditation for the crown chakra


Against fear (from Adam Bittleston)

May the events that seek me, come unto me;

May I receive them with a quiet mind

May the people who seek me, come unto me;

May I receive them with an understanding heart

May the spirits who seek me, come unto me:

May I receive them with a clear soul.