Seasonal Yoga

This book is how to re attune yourself to living in line with nature using movement, Yoga & Chi Gung food and lifestyle information. Most of us are living more hectic 24 hour lives, this book will help you get yourself more in line with the way we are supposed to live. In rhythm with the seasons. Seasonal living is something that would never have been talked about 150 years ago. We got up when it was light, went to bed when it was dark, ate local produce when it was in season, and joined in with the energy and the festivals of the local community; we were totally in tune with energy and its natural cycles. We can now shop, eat, and bank, sitting in front of our computers 24 hours a day, and pay no attention to our energy fluctuations. We ignore the early warning signs of tiredness as a precursor to sickness, until our bodies take over and finally make us so ill we are forced to listen! This book will allow you to re-evaluate your life and make the readjustments necessary to live ‘in season’ once again. There are two ways to use this book; you can either go directly to the season you are in, or go to the ailment or condition that you have from the index at the back of the book

Excellent book, very well explained and illustrated with pictures, hence easy to follow and learn from. The practices are grouped by seasons which makes them a straightforward guidance tool if you have a holistic approach and aim to use the practices for self healing or others.

Sonia (via Amazon)

The book is targeted at fitness instructors, and I think it's a great way to make yoga more available to a wider audience. I love the idea of 'triplets' which show 3 postures that flow well together, they are wonderful to practise and easy to teach.

Hazel (via Amazon)

If you're coming into yoga from another form of exercise then, this book may just be for you. In particular, this is a great resource for exercise instructors and personal trainers.

Pondering Yogi (via Amazon)

Deconstructing Yoga

You’ve heard countless things about yoga, but you’ve never seen it like this. Peel back the veneer and dive into the secular, step-by-step substance of physical, practical yoga. The physical sphere of yoga is the foundation on which every other aspect of yoga practice is built. Within these covers, the evolution of yoga and its scientific structure and results are objectively and factually explored. Build your personal yoga skillset with more than 30 essential postures explained in clearly illustrated anatomical and physiological detail. Deconstructing Yoga is a yoga book unlike any other. Whether you are a seasoned yoga practitioner or a complete beginner, its accessible format and innovative “Triplets” Learning and Teaching system will be the new foundation for your yoga fitness experience.

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