Planning a Flow Class with Julie Hanson

Here are some videos to help you prepare a flow class.  Remember that the change from one Season to the next is very fluid but you should be able to ”feel” when things have inherently changed.  If you get lost, look around you and see what Nature is doing.  In Spring, if everything is producing new buds and shoots, then build a good foundation and stretch out from there.  In Winter, where energy is down, don’t be afraid to allow yourself and the class longer in Savasana.  Also refer back to the Meridians for each Season

Planning a flow: Part 1

Part 2: Factors that effect a class

Part 3: A theme for the class

Part 4: A few final tips

Planning a Flow Class with Julie Hanson

Planning a Class :  TT version

Planning a Flow Class: Older version from London TT