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At Seasonal Yoga we Teach in Harmony with Nature and the Season around us by changing our teaching content to match the Season we are in. We use this to resonate with our surroundings and to come back to balance. It’s therefore important that you study the material in-Season or just slightly before the Season begins. You should also be aware of how Nature around you changes. If March comes around, but there’s still snow on the ground, then stay with the Winter Season Teachings. If the leaves on the trees start to change colour mid July then consider moving into Late Summer. The more attention you bring to the natural flow of Nature and Life around you the more your instincts will naturally tell you when it’s time to change.

We’re also firm believers that Summer is a good time for high-energy classes but Winter’s a time for a more restorative, contemplative practice. It just makes sense to follow Nature around you as it sleeps and recovers, preparing for the start of a new Spring to push forth new growth, that we should too.

Be a Wise One!

The healthy 60-80 year old, population is increasing and it’s the wealthiest and most active generation in history

It is projected to rise from 10 million in 2010 to 20 million by 2030

This means that this is a growing market that will be seeking accessible exercise forms to stay healthy, active and mobile in order to maintain their independence for as long as possible