Nikken Water Filter

Everyone’s been asking about the Water Filter that Julie uses so we’ve finally put together this page so you can find out more information on it and where to invest in your own!

Nikken Water Filter

  • Simple operation, advanced water-contaminant reducing technology
  • Natural,gravity-fed filtration–no need for electricity
  • Minerals that help to adjust pH to create alkaline water
  • Certified filtration to reduce contaminants
  • Filter life LED indicator
  • Fits perfectly on to your kitchen worktop
  • Multi-stage filtration

The quality of the water you drink is essential to the condition of your cellular body. You are 70% water so it makes sense to edit the quality of that hydration.

For years I have filtered my water – I use Nikken water filters which are first class!

Depending on the water supply and pipes, tap water can contain traces of many chemicals including chlorine, disinfectant by-products, sediments, heavy metals, and pesticides, but we have developed water systems that transform your normal tap water into clean PiMag® water. It starts with a pre- filter removing larger particles from the water; after this, the water passes through activated carbon to capture microscopic particles; the next stage is mineralising and alkalising, and then a proprietary redox process which enhances the cleaning further and reduces the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), providing water that helps to neutralise free radicals that can harm your body. The PiMag® water then flows through a bed of mineral stones and a magnetic eld before reaching your glass.

Highest Design Standards
All Nikken PiMag® water systems are designed to the highest standards, non-leaching, and free of BPA and other oestrogenic chemicals.

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Nikken filter


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