New Beginnings

waking up, creating space and making new plans

The spring season is the season of new beginnings.  A new start in many ways; to your attitude to life, your growth and your new intentions.

We are all in the middle of spring, but this year, we are also in the middle of isolation and confinement, sometimes feeling trapped.  How are you feeling? Are you feeling forced to live your life according to other people’s values and opinions of how you should spend your time?  Or, are you feeling as if you haven’t got enough time to capture all of the great ideas that are going through your head on a daily basis?

Whichever it is, some structure may help.

Need help structuring your day?

Every morning, try making a plan for your day. Factor in some extra time for those unanticipated things that somehow always crop up.

Let others in your household know that you are planning your day and give them a window of your time for all of their needs (jobs in house / home-schooling / cooking ).

Do you need more time for yourself?

4 tips for getting more time for yourself during lockdown

1. Get up earlier. Certainly get up before everybody else does and make sure you go to bed earlier to ensure you get enough sleep.

2. Exercise every day. Combine your walking outdoor exercise time with either catching up on the phone with friends or listening to a motivational book. The Surrender Experiment is ideal at the moment and a great story.

3. Practice some breathing techniques. While this doesn’t expand your day it will help your mind focus and slow down your day, therefore making it feel as though you have more time.

4. Meditate.  It truly does sort your head out. Even 10 minutes a day can be really beneficial and there are plenty of online options available.  Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra offer a 21 day course which can really start you off into a decent practice.

These are simple and effective ways of helping you feel as if you have more time and also more control of that time. If used wisely, this time could be life changing, for you and everyone around you.

Make the most of every second.

Julie H.