Looking for Guidance in your Yoga Career?

You’ve just struck Gold!

International Yoga Teacher Trainer and Seasonal Yoga Entrepreneur Julie Hanson can help you maximise your potential both on and off the mat

“I found Julie to be an excellent teacher. Someone who achieves great results with her non judgemental, hugely encouraging, common sense approach”

– Robert Carlyle, Actor

“Health comes from being less Stressed”

– Julie Hanson, Seasonal Yoga

Yoga Teacher?

Maximise your teaching potential by providing authentic, inspiring and naturally balanced class content that brings you and your students back to nature 

You may be struggling with your class content or just plane bored with teaching the same old content and this may adversily affecting your class numbers.   Your students may be looking for more and not finding it from you.

What Julie can teach you is how to first re-align yourself back with nature.  Get back to a solid, grounded foundation where small changes you make will have hugely beneficial impacts to your own life.  Friends and Students will soon notice and they’ll want to know what you’re doing

Passing on knowledge is Julie’s passion and it’s probably yours too.  When you can see a full room of students embrace change for the better and grow from the experience it’ll repay you in spades.

Each Season Julie can guide you on how best to harmonise with what’s happening around you, how to bring this into your class and how to grow your teaching

Yoga Student?

Julie’s one true talent is inspiring people!  She could literally lead the proverbial camel to water and encourage it do Yoga!  By far the hardests things to see are often the most simplest things, right there in front of you.  

Julie has over 30 years teaching students how first to see themselves where they are, their own potential to change and then equiping them to go out and seize all the a full life can offer.

If you feel there’s something not quite right about your life but don’t know how to fix it then you’ve come to the right place

For Julie, personal well being is learning to cope and adapting to every evolving phase in life.  Nature too is always changing and getting in sync with all that’s going on around you can help ground you, reduce your levels of stress and ultimately lead to the best health you’ve ever had!

Julie’s teachings are about yoga for sure, but they have a far reaching impact on your well being, lifestyle and personal evolution too.

Come join us for a better, healthier you!

Main picture credit: Victoria Stewart, Daily Record and Sunday Mail